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Family Oriented - Open door policy for all  

Leonard's has offices throughout the country and all of them feel that they are a part of this unique family. They are confident in calling any of the family members or anyone else in the corporate office for direction or advice. Our aim is to make sure that our customers are part of this family. Whenever an issue arises, we want to make sure that our customers feel just as comfortable as we do about calling and talking to someone. Leonard's creates an environment which provides not only direction but an "open door" policy which strengthens the family bond of agents and employees throughout the company.

The Johnson family supplies the leadership and direction that is needed to run Leonard's Express. Throughout our daily duties we all have issues that need attention. At Leonard's our family environment allows for anyone to seek advice from other departments or individuals to clearly navigate through these problems. The "open door" policy allows everyone equal time whether it's a personal issue or business related.

This philosophy has been successful in bonding the agents, independent contractors, technicians, company drivers and office personnel at Leonard's

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Integrity - What defines us as a company  

Integrity is what defines you as a person in both business and in life. To live with honesty and truthfulness is to live a complete life.

Leonard's Express believes that integrity is what defines us as a company. We believe that adhering to strict moral principles, whether in business or personal life, will lead to success. We emphasize integrity in every aspect of our business and personal lives, resulting in a firm that is trusted by our customers and employees.

Having a strong moral compass means that we will not take the easy way for a quick buck. We strive for longevity and success, for both us and our customers, and being honest and open is crucial to achieving this. Integrity is key to all our core values. When we talk about being open with communication, a reliable partner, and dependable company, our customers can rely on the fact that we make sure that all of this is done with the utmost integrity.

Diversified - Both in staff and services  

Striving to maintain a diversified staff, services offered and options for our customers will allow for us to maintain our competitive edge and growth.

Diversification is what makes the world such an interesting and exciting place. At Leonard's Express, we value being able to offer a wide variety of services to our customers, and embrace a diversified staff to make sure that we can accommodate all of our customers' transportation needs, and maintain strong growth.

Having a wide range of services such as company assets, the ability to broker freight, intermodal/rail services, and warehousing and inventory management allows us to take care of all of your transportation necessities. Our goal as a company is to collaborate with our customers to make sure that all concerns and needs are met.

Encompassing many locations across the country creates diverse viewpoints and ideas. Having all of these backgrounds grants us a different perspective for each and every situation. We know that having a unique staff will allow us to find and create new and innovative solutions for customers transportation needs. We depend on a wide range of talent, perspectives, experiences, and personalities to reflect our diverse customers, markets, and solutions.

Leonard's Express strives to maintain a diverse staff, services, and solutions for all of our customers transportation needs. Our goal is to maintain a consistent growth and a competitive edge.

Dedication - This is our passion  

Going above and beyond daily duties to meet and exceed the expectations of customers and co-workers. Committed to personal excellence by providing the best solutions we have to offer.

This core value defines the work ethic and spirit of every individual at Leonard's Express. Dedication to us is passion in our work. The staff we embrace believes in what they do day in and day out. We are passionate about what we do, and we make sure to share that passion with our customers.

Our customer wants are our wants, their needs are our needs. We assert ourselves daily to go above the expectations, not because we have to, but because we want to. From our customer service staff, to the operations, and all the way to our drivers, everyone shares the same enthusiasm for transportation.

Being able to provide what is needed to a customer, internal or external, on a regular basis is important to our reputation. Our reliable actions will show our strength and quality. When we create a strong reputation of being dependable, we attract reliable carriers and drivers, which in turn allows for continual growth and consistent performance for our customers. To preserve our superb reputation, we strive for dependability.

Respect - Thought as a cornerstone of who we are  

Collaboration must be thought of as a cornerstone, not only for yourself but others. Without it, cooperation, compassion and understanding are impossible.

Leonard's Express considers respect one of our highest core values. If we do not have respect for our customers, our employees, and our agents, then how do we expect to achieve excellence? We know that the people in our industry are often under-appreciated and their talents and dedication are undervalued. At Leonard's Express, we want a company that gives these hard working people the respect they deserve.

We understand that in order to succeed, we need to help our customers succeed. We know it should start with genuine respect. Great companies are built upon and powered by respect-respect for customers and respect for each other. We respect our customers. We believe in them. We understand them. We trust them. We form personal relationships with them. We take risks with them. We work with them to help them succeed.

Without it cooperation, compassion and understanding are impossible. Without it isolation and failure become the norm. To show respect for others as well as yourself demonstrates a level of maturity and knowledge that will eventually lead to the greatness we all deserve and desire.

Communication - Accurate and timely  

Accurate, timely and thorough communication to both internal and external customers is essential to the success of our customers and our company.

Leonard's Express believes one of the key ingredients to the success of our customers and our company is by having open and honest communication. The communication needs to be thorough, timely and accurate to be effective. Having just one or two of these elements is not enough. All three are required to make effective communication a success.

We use many forms of communication in our daily lives. We should always strive to be as precise and accurate no matter what the form of communication is, verbal or written. We utilize today's technology to the fullest extent possible to communicate effectively.

We treat communication as a two way street. Not only do we need to be great communicators, we also need to be great listeners. Sometimes, the most important aspect of communication is listening.

Communication is sometimes one of the weakest spots in an organization, no matter how good that organization may be. We should always strive to have better communication.

The stronger our communication is with our customers and our staff, the stronger relationship we have, and the more we grow.

Excellence - Standard we hold ourselves to  

By setting the standard of quality as premier, we shall be viewed as "best in class" and the distinctive choice among our competitors.

Leonard's Express sets the bar high when it comes to quality and level of service. From our customer service, to our facilities and equipment to safety, we conduct business with excellence in mind every day. We have gained a standing as "best in class" by continually delivering the highest level of service possible to our customers. We will maintain this by continuing to improve our overall operation and business model.

A key goal is to have our customers gain constant assurance that any service we provide is successful. By achieving this, our customers will always view Leonard's as the best option when considering us among our competitors. As our employees and agents strive for this goal daily, we will continually improve and make one another better. Excellence is not only an achievement, but a state of mind that we must continually embrace.