Leonard’s Express now has the ability to offer you intermodal options. When you require innovative solutions to your shipping and transportation needs, think of intermodal and Leonard’s Express. Our portfolio of intermodal services offers a range of cost-effective, streamlined services that provide the flexibility to control and manage your goods and improve your bottom line. Intermodal is the perfect way to reduce costs of your most popular lanes.


Intermodal options allow for door-to-door, truck-like service at a fraction of the cost of traditional trucking methods. The more you ship in a specific lane on rail, the better rate you get. We will make sure to find transcontinental, regional, and dedicated rail options to provide the shipping services you desire. Making the most of the rail allows for decreased fuel cost/consumption which delivers results on an eco-friendly level.


When looking for intermodal options, look no further than Leonard’s Express. For more information, please call Tom Odonnell at extension 255.