CALDWELL, IDAHO – June 21, 2022 – Leonard’s Express – a leading transportation services provider offering refrigerated trucking, dry van, warehousing and freight brokerage services – is showing support for veterans by giving several of its long-haul trucks a military makeover. As part of its patriotic “wrapped truck” program, the company is vinyl wrapping a new truck with a military-themed design for each of its five terminals: Caldwell, Idaho; Eau Claire, Wisconsin; Farmington, New York; New Castle, Delaware; and Taylorsville, North Carolina. The trucks are being assigned to drivers who have served in the United States Military.  


Media are invited to attend an unveiling of the Leonard’s Express U.S. Marine Corps truck on Wednesday, June 22 at 12:00 p.m. at the

Leonard’s Express terminal in Caldwell, Idaho. Vietnam War Veteran Bob Williams will drive the Marine truck for the next four-to-five years. Williams is traveling to the Caldwell terminal from his home in Plymouth, Washington for a special ceremony to celebrate his selection for this prestigious assignment. Leonard’s Express CEO Ken Johnson traveled from New York to personally present the keys to Williams.

“We admire the nearly 100 veteran drivers who work for Leonard’s Express,” said Tim Owens, Director of Organization Development at Leonard’s Express. “They are our ‘boots on the ground.’ Their skill, maturity and character are truly remarkable. This program is one of the many ways we honor our veteran employees.” 


To be selected, drivers provided information to an internal review committee including what branch of the military they served in, how long they served, and a brief statement about why they wanted to participate in the program. To be considered for the assignment, drivers needed to have a clean driving record (i.e., no accidents or tickets). Once all applicants were vetted and approved, finalists were sorted by terminal location and randomly selected. Winners get the privilege of driving a fully vinyl-wrapped truck designed with branding from the branch of the military in which they served. “I’m so impressed with the quality of character of all who submitted applications, both those selected and those not selected. We have a tremendous workforce,” explained Owens.  


“This truck honors all the people who survived and all the people who passed away during the Vietnam war,” said Williams, who has been a professional driver since 1976. “It’s for all the people who went over there and gave everything.” Williams plans to showcase the truck at the Passion for Patriotism Fourth of July parade in Caldwell, Idaho on July 4th and at other events later this year that honor the U.S. military, including Veterans Day.  


Contributing to a Good Cause

In addition to the sense of pride inspired by the military-branded trucks, Leonard’s Express has pledged to donate one cent for every mile each truck travels over the next four-to-five years. The proceeds will go to a charity that supports veterans, which the driver gets to select. Williams chose the Tunnels to Towers Foundation.  


With trucks running approximately 500,000 miles over the four-to-five-year life of ownership, Leonard’s expects the program to generate approximately $25,000. In addition, Leonard’s Express has a dedicated donation portal for each of the charities so employees can contribute too.  


“At Leonard’s Express, our support of community, employees, and customers are central to our culture,” said Leonard’s Express CEO Ken Johnson. “It defines us as a company and as a great place to work. We support our veteran employees wherever possible and recognize their sacrifices in service to our country.”  


Last month, Leonard’s Express unveiled its first patriotic truck at its corporate headquarters in Farmington, New York. Veteran Keith Buchanan is driving the Air Force truck, based at the Taylorsville, North Carolina terminal. The design phase is underway for the remaining three trucks, which will be making appearances at patriotic events across the country this summer and fall.  


Since drivers typically operate a truck for a term of four-to-five years, this will be the last truck Williams drives. “By the time I fulfill my commitment – which will be a piece of cake – I’ll be 80 years old, and I’ll be ready to hang up my driving boots,” concluded Williams. “I’ve worked for at least fifteen different companies over the past 46 years. Leonard’s Express is the best I’ve ever worked for – bar none. If you give them 100 percent, they’ll give you 100 percent back and I’ve never had a company do that before.” 


About Leonard’s Express

Leonard’s Express is a family-owned asset-based transportation provider in Farmington, New York with offices located throughout the United States. We provide transportation solutions for a wide range of customers that encompass many industries. With our nationwide footprint, we are prepared to tailor a solution to fit your specific supply chain needs.  


With its state-of-the-art technology and dedicated staff, Leonard’s Express is willing and able to provide dependable, diversified, and creative solutions that are responsive and cost-effective.  


For more information, please visit www.leonardsexpress.com.  



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