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Pulping isn’t fiction here at Leonard’s Express

by | Jul 31, 2020

PULPING!  Produce is the ‘meat and potatoes’ of our business (see what I did there?!) If you’re like me, I had NO idea what pulping produce even was!  Okay okay….I know there are MORE than enough of you that already know how to pulp or at least what it is….but….what if you didn’t?!  OR, what if you knew what pulping was but didn’t realize all that went into it?  Below are some tips that are mentioned to drivers often regarding pulping:

  • ALWAYS arrive precooled down to the proper temperature
  • Verify the temperature on the BOL to ensure it matched what the reefer is set at
  • Before accepting and signing for a load, always verify if your dispatch provided a different temperature than what reads on the BOL
  • Pulp the product and write the pulping temperature on the BOL
  • If you are NOT ALLOWED ON THE DOCK to pulp product, always remember to write on the BOL ‘not allowed on the dock to see temps’ along with ‘shipper load and count


All of these extra tips and steps may take some additional time, but these checks and balances are critical to ensure product integrity and freshness.  Also, following these tips can help with preventing potential claims.

Click this link to watch a short video on pulping: https://youtu.be/qIRtl3kIoX8

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