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Docking it!

by | Aug 5, 2020

What to do when you aren’t allowed on the dock for unloading/loading.  As you all may have noticed, during COVID-19, more and more shippers and receivers are not allowing drivers on the docks during unloading and loading.  This may be a valid procedure for the shippers/receivers, however, we have our procedures too that we cannot forget.

At all times, the Driver should count and inspect the condition of the product during the loading/unloading process.  This verifies an accurate count and condition of the product to help prevent unnecessary claims.  So, what if the Driver cannot get onto the dock?  Glad you asked!  If a customer does not allow Drivers on their dock during unloading/loading times, we will require you to note on the Bills of Lading ‘shipper loaded/count’ OR ‘SLC’ for short.  If this is NOT allowed, you must call Risk Control at 585.869.3170 before leaving or closing the doors.

When in doubt, call your driver advocate before you start rolling.  Ask questions.  Thank you for all that you do!  Enjoy your day and be safe!!

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